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[Emerging Technology in the Security Industry]

31 May 2022
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2nd Managing Director, Twinrock Pte Ltd, Mr Raj Isaac Thomas spoke at the Security 4.0 and Its Impact on the Security Industry Conference on 19th May 2022 regarding the role of technology in the security industry.
In his presentation, Mr Raj Isaac Thomas had discussed the evolution of technology in the security sector, and why it is necessary for security agencies and officers alike to embrace changes in such technology. He had also encapsulated several key technological trends that are or will be emerging in the security industry, and how they may impact the operations of security agencies in the future.
At Twinrock, not only do we strive to keep abreast of the latest technological trends, but we also explore on how we can integrate such technology to ensure our security operations are carried out swiftly and effectively to better safeguard our clients’ assets and premises. Call us or visit https://twinrockglobal.com/ to find out more about our range of solutions.