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TwinRock offers comprehensive, affordable, and integrated security packages that are tailor-made to suit a diverse range of clientele, from residential homes to corporate offices.

Our Security Systems packages are crafted via a dynamic combination of the latest security systems, with experienced security professionals to remotely monitor the premises, as well as our unique rapid response feature and video analytics services.

All packages come with installation by our own in-house technicians. TwinRock has the capabilities and expertise to secure not only your property, but also to bring you peace of mind. You will be assured that your home and/or businesses are always safe, secure, and protected.

Our Packages

    • Comprehensive Package

Provides optimal security to large corporations through remote monitoring by experienced security officers and advanced security equipment such as network cameras and auto-tracking CCTVs. With the addition of video analytics, our officers will be alerted on any critical breaches and provide rapid response security services, reassuring clients to have absolute peace of mind knowing that their premises are well-secured.

    • Standard Package

Provides optimal security to smaller businesses and offices. It includes remote monitoring integrated with video analytics and rapid response services. TwinRock Secure Standard Pack provides clients with a good balance between security and price, thus allowing them to secure their properties without having to pay exorbitant fees.

    • Value Package

Provides optimal security to shophouses and SMEs in general, through remote monitoring of the premise and advanced surveillance equipment. With the integration of video analytics and rapid response security services, clients can obtain high-quality security services at a value-for-money price.

    • Home+ Package

Perfect for residential homes such as bungalows or semi-detached houses. This pack comprises advanced security equipment and stateof-the-art alarm system. For added security, a remote monitoring mobile app will also be included, allowing homeowners to remotely monitor their homes, giving them the peace of mind while they are away.

    • Home Package

Ideal for apartments Units (HDBs & Condos). TwinRock Secure Home Pack uses advanced security equipment together with a remote monitoring mobile app that enable homeowners to remotely monitor their homes while they are away.


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