About Us



The core processes and methodology in keeping our services at the highest level!


“While there is an on-going manpower shortage in the security industry, Twinrock Sentinel is the rock of our operations… making sure any officer, permanent or relief, will be able to run the operations at any sites”


THOR – Twinrock Security App

  • Attendance and Annual/Medical leave application
  • Site task list
  • Clocking and Patrolling
  • Incident reporting

Integration of Systems

  • CCTVs
  • Video analytics
  • LPR and Access control




Command & Control of Officers

  • THOR app
  • Internal memo

Site Leaders Community

  • A common communications space

Leading Remuneration

  • Matching or exceeding market rates
  • Performance-based allowances

Workplace Safety & Health + Welfare

  • Guardroom cleanliness
  • Check-ups and Check-ins





  • Task list, Incident reporting and Attendance​

Site Documentation and Protocols

  • Risk Assessment, Standing Orders and SOPs
  • Drafted by in-House Accredited Security Consultant​

Client Relations

  • Regular meetings and communication​

Operational Readiness

  • Red teaming & On-site exercises​

24 hours Physical Command Centre

  • Deployment and Communication