About Us

About Us

About Twinrock

TwinRock is a boutique risk management and security firm, with services covering manned guarding, security systems and security consultancy. We develop and deploy holistic solutions that secure our clients’ property and assets.


To give our clients peace of mind through advanced technology solutions, innovative products, and value-added services.



To be the leading security service provider in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it is necessary for TwinRock to offer newer solutions and technology that caters to clients’ needs.

In line with the security industry transformations, TwinRock is pivoting from labor intensive services and traditional security contracts to advanced technology solutions and outcome-based agreements.

Value Statements


Everything we do, at every level, must be phenomenal. We reject mediocrity.


We recognise and reward results, not just effort.


Everyone in TwinRock is one House, one family. We do our part, cover for each other and do not let the team down.


We act with integrity and honesty. We take ownership and responsibility for what we promise and what we deliver.


We believe in work-life harmony. We play as hard as we work.


Our mission is to be the leading security services provider in Singapore by deploying only the best security professionals and state of the art technology in our solutions. TwinRock employees will always be professionally equipped and trained to provide 24/7 protection for our clients and their property. We are committed to delivering exceptional service to give our clients peace of mind.


AND HOW TWINROCK DO IT? To be at the forefront and the top choice in the security industry, both our security officers and clients are just as important to us. Aside from having the most advanced technological systems in place, consistent grooming of our employees to develop both personally and professionally are also taken into consideration to ensure our clients feel well protected and safe.

Customer satisfaction and loyalty will always be our top priority. To successfully achieve this, providing an empowering and respectful work culture that encourages individuals to maximize their fullest potential is essential to running TwinRock’s operations smoothly.

Twinrock Villa

Right next to Hampstead Wetlands Park is Seletar Aerospace Park, where TwinRock Villa’s office is now situated at.

Built to serve the residential needs of the military personnel from the British Royal Air Force (RAF) upon the completion of Seletar Airport in 1928 are a total of 378 colonial bungalows located. 178 of them have been set aside for demolition due to the arrival of Seletar Aerospace Park. The TwinRock Villa is one of the original colonial houses built during this time and is preserved till today.

The building is conserved to serve a continued sense of history and identity in Seletar, which is a meaningful representation of an important era in Singapore’s military history.

2 Baker Street

Located in the middle of JTC’s Seletar Aerospace Park, Hampstead Wetlands Park is a hidden enclave for visitors to admire its fauna and flora along its scenic boardwalk and nature trail.

The restored sanctuary amidst industrial buildings offers views of lush greenery, birds and other wildlife animals that inhabit freshwater ecosystems. The Park is only a 15-minute bus ride away from opposite Khatib MRT.

You can catch sight of interesting birds such as the hornbill and kingfisher, in which our meeting rooms at TwinRock Villa are named after. It is also a great place to hone your photography skills.

If you’d like to cool down after and indulge in a further relaxing experience, pop by Wildseed at The Summerhouse. The private air-conditioned domes as well as spacious alfresco areas are sure to give you vibes of peace and tranquility, perfect for a mini getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city life in Singapore

SLF Building

In 2022, Twinrock shifted our office to SLF Building at Thomson Road. With several bus stops and MRT stations (Caldecott) nearby, our office is easily accessible to and from many areas.

Our office is also near the Singapore Polo Club, Toa Payoh HDB Hub, and Balastier Hill Shopping Plaza for an array of eateries and amenities such as  grocery and retail shopping, banks and more.

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