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Warehouse Security Considerations

15 December 2020
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While our local crime rates are low, theft still occurs. Cases in recent years—such as that of the warehouse supervisor who misappropriated nickel cathode plates worth over $2 million and the employee who stole around $300,000 worth of mobile phones—have proven that in Singapore, warehouse theft, even if not prevalent, remains a concern.

If you are a warehouse manager, you might be wondering about how you can best secure your warehouse premises. Look no further! In this article, we discuss the various methods you can consider for comprehensive warehouse security.

  1. Secure Your Premises by Hiring Manned Guards

    Security officers can help safeguard your premises by managing access and detecting suspicious activity through their patrols, such as persons being in areas they do not have the authorization to be. But the role security officers play doesn’t just stop at detection—these officers will also play an important role in responding to any threat, thereby protecting your staff and merchandise. At TwinRock, our officers are trained in advanced guarding techniques, emergency response, and other custodial skills, allowing them to effectively handle a variety of situations on the ground.

    If you are looking for more comprehensive and bespoke solutions, you might also consider TwinRock Pinnacle, our premium manned guarding scheme. Our Pinnacle officers are trained to take personal command of all security aspects of the site, providing premise managers with a single professional and experienced point of contact at all times.

  2. Tighten Your Security Further with Security Systems

    Alarm and CCTV systems are some of the basic requirements for securing any site, and they have only gotten more capable in recent years. Advancements in technology now allow for CCTV cameras to come equipped with AI capacities that, for instance, can detect movement across specified digital boundaries. Such systems can help tighten your warehouse security by decreasing human error in identifying suspicious activities like theft.

    If you opt for remote monitoring services, you will also have a dedicated operations team watching your premises around the clock. Not only will you be relieved of the burden of watching the CCTV footage yourself, but this also ensures that you will receive a rapid response should anything suspect happen.

    Additionally, you might want to consider other security systems for access control and product management. Access control devices such as biometric or RFID scanners and vehicle management systems can help you limit who enters your premises. Digital warehouse management systems, on the other hand, will allow you to better keep track of your warehouse inventory, making it easier to detect when items go missing.

  3. Heightening the Perception of Surveillance

    Not only will alarms and CCTV systems allow you to detect suspicious activity, but if placed in visible locations, they will also serve as effective deterrents to potential thieves looking for an easy target. As we mentioned in our previous article on retail security, the perception of surveillance is just as important as actual surveillance capabilities in deterring theft. You should thus also consider installing bright lighting, which will make suspicious activity even more visible.

    It should by now be clear that there are many options available to those looking to secure their warehouses and stock. But do you know which ones are best for your specific premises? Or, as a warehouse or facilities manager, is security simply taking up too much of your bandwidth? Let us do the consideration for you! TwinRock’s team of CSPs come from a wide range of backgrounds and are deeply familiar with the respective security considerations of each industry and implementing suitable solutions, typically derived with an integration of manned guarding and the latest security systems.

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